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The SR7 power supply is now available alongside the SR4 and SR5 via Paul Hynes Design Ltd. The SR7 is being manufactured on a build to order basis. This is because the mains transformers are custom manufactured for us to Paul’s highest specification and until we know your specification requirements we cannot order in a transformer for your specification.

The SR7 uses the same ultra low noise high performance discrete component voltage regulator as the highly regarded SR4 and SR5 power supplies. The SR7 mains transformer is configured as a balanced mains isolation transformer to provide exceptional mains born common mode interference rejection like the SR4 and SR5 power supplies. The SR7 is currently only available in fixed output voltage versions designated SR7S-**F in the silver anodized chassis or SR7B-**F in the black anodized chassis, where S and B refer to the anodizing colour, ** is the output voltage rating and F denotes a fixed output voltage rating.


Currently we do not provide a mains lead for the SR7. There is an IEC mains inlet on the back panel of the power supply and this allows the use of higher quality mains leads specifically designed for audio use. You can use a standard generic mains lead if the budget is restricted and the SR7 will give very good performance with this type of lead, but use of a high quality mains lead will give worthwhile sonic improvements.


SR7 dimensions –  W = 350mm, H = 110mm, D = 310mm

Available specifications

The SR7 is built into the Streacom FC9 chassis

The SR7 chassis can accommodate two galvanically isolated supply rails


The following specification options are available :-


SR7-3.3F rating 3.3vdc @ 10A continuous, 40A transient

SR7-05F rating 5vdc @ 10A continuous, 40A transient

SR7-12F rating 12vdc @ 12A continuous, 40A transient

SR7-15F rating 15vdc @ 10A continuous, 40A transient

SR7-19F rating 19vdc @ 10A continuous, 40A transient


The SR7-12 can be used for powering 12v motherboards and CPU supplies in audio servers and any 12v applications up to rated power.


The SR7-15 can be used for powering the Mscaler and any other 15v applications up to rated power.


The SR7-19 can be used for powering 19v motherboards and the Intel NUCs including the higher power versions when used as audio servers and any other19v applications up to rated power.


Multiple SR7 power supplies can also be used for upgrading power supply rails normally provided via ATX switch mode power supplies when powering medium to high power motherboards used as audio servers.


The SR7 with one supply rail currently costs £935

The SR7 with two supply rails currently costs £1470


The output DC connector is a 4 pin silver plated XLR and there are two metallurgy options for high performance DC leads, annealed copper or annealed fine silver. DC lead prices are for 0.2 metre, 0.5 metre and 1 metre. Other lead lengths can be supplied so ask for a quote if you require a different length.


DC12 leads are rated at 12A continuous

0.2 metre DC12CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £52

0.5 metre DC12CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £79

1 metre DC12CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £105

0.2 metre DC12FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £92

0.5 metre DC12FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £151

1 metre DC12FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £240


DC leads for the SR7 cost more than that of the SR4 and SR5 due to the copper or silver used needing to be thicker to cope with its increased output.

*Prices subject to VAT for UK customers

How to order

For the time being we will take up to 3 orders a month and then when you enquire you are offered the earliest available batch. You have the option of a PayPal invoice or a direct bank transfer. Both payment options will incur additional charges. Currently PayPal charges between 2.9% and 5.5%, with Bank Charges ranging from £6 to £15.

If you decide to purchase a DC lead with your power supply please add in your order what size you need the connector to be, we offer 2.1mm, 2.5mm or a micro USB adapter, all of these options do not incur any further charge.



Shipping costs for the SR7 power supply including insurance for loss or damage in transit can be quoted when you provide your shipping address.

After you have decided what unit you wish to purchase, how many and whether you would like a DC lead or not, Use the order form below.

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